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23/03/2019 10.00 – 12.30 / 13.30 – 16.00

24/03/2019 10.00 – 12.30 / 13.30 – 16.00

City ZEN International Workshop

Tranquil Transitions

LEVEL: All level
The physical practice of yoga helps us get to know ourselves better through what our individual bodies tell us as we move. The transformative power of yoga begins with this ability to listen, and that is what we will do in this workshop. By breaking down common yoga transitions and postures, we will explore the beauty of each person’s uniqueness, helping you grow your practice faster. By moving intelligently on our mats, we build the strength and flexibility that is the necessary foundation for a strong yoga practice.

Off the Wall

LEVEL: Anyone who wants to learn to handstand
Using the wall for inversions is a wonderful way to increase strength and learn techniques for your inversions, but sometimes we get stuck there! In this workshop we will look specifically at how to face your fears and improve your technique for becoming independent in your inversions and not rely on the wall. By delving into the reasons we become dependent on the wall, we will establish a foundation of physical balance and inner trust in ourselves to take our inversions to the middle of the room!

Put your Backbend into it

LEVEL: All level

This is a workshop for anyone wanting to take their backbends to the next level, or to feel more confident going into backbending postures, by tapping into the power of self-trust. We will explore some fun but challenging movements in ways that empower and strengthen! Looking at the anatomy and the physics of the backbend, we will go through techniques and tips for safely and effectively adding them to your practice.

What the Fascia!

LEVEL: All level

Flexibility is a largely misunderstood concept. In this workshop we will look at the importance of flexibility and its relation to strength, we will deepen our understanding of the anatomy of flexibility, and we will explore ways to improve our own mobility through working the fascia lines. Finally I will equip you with some tools and techniques to take with you into your own asana practice to continue working towards greater mobility, flexibility, and strength.


Adell Bridges is a world travelling yoga teacher and health coach.

She began her yoga journey in March 2015. She was 29 and a physical therapist recommended her yoga to deal with issues in body due to my gymnastics background. Her background as a gymnast definitely has helped with asana practice and with overall strength and flexibility. But through yoga she feels stronger and more balanced, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually. Her personal mantra is “There’s no one path, no right or wrong. Trust yourself.”


55€  1 workshop
200€ 4 workshops

Attendees must have CSNE membership card, available at City ZEN for 5€, valid for the entire year 2019. We suggest to arrive 20 minutes before the beginning of the event. 

Workshops in English

Places are limited
Booking requested