Cristina Bucci

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Why yoga?
Because it makes me feel good and makes me better.
I have always been interested in the beauty and the “truth” that I have sought in dance, in Pilates, in western philosophy, and in poetry. Then came Yoga, which combined everything, adding a look: spirituality, which gave a profound sense to my research.
Movement has always been a spiritual matter for me, and I like to feel that my “dance” and “my” practice are born when the soul adheres to the body.
The first lesson of yoga I did enlightened me: the theme was SRI, beauty, which is born of harmony and which – at times – is hidden in the dark, in the mud.
I have learned that there is a light that is already on, fully energized, inside the body, and practice, does not create that little slit from which light can get rid of, like a river full.

What was your professional career?
I live teaching as an honor and an opportunity to share my research. On the carpet I bring all myself and propose a dynamic, creative practice that I am entertained and that I would also enjoy my students, starting from rooting and abandoning the word and flowering through the opening of the heart. It’s always a challenge, which aims to make the time special.
I love doing yoga because it is a pleasant workout for life. And even in sweat and in the fatigue of practice I seek the sense of this existence, which is not a punishment, but a promise.

Why City ZEN?
Because it is an ambitious and at the same time very concrete project. It combines the good to the good and I think it can become a point of reference for many people because it adheres to a need that is increasingly widespread: “to be good with yourself to help others.”
Teacher Training: Immersion Anusara 2013-14
Teacher Training Anusara 2015-16