Daniela Battocchio

Operator in Osteopathy

Why Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is based on the principle of self-healing. Osteopathy, during treatment, looks for unequilibrium in order to correct it and allow the person to make the most of their potential to achieve psychophysical well-being.

What was your professional career?
I graduated as a technical accounting officer in 1995. During my studies, I realized that my interest was not in numbers, but in mankind. I was passionate about psychology and physiotherapy and wanted to know how we are done, what moves us, what keeps us away from wellness and how to return to a state of health. I decided to address my body. Having few places in the faculty of physiotherapy I also tried the test for getting into medicine. I passed both of them but I had no doubt. I wanted to become a physiotherapist.

In 2003, after graduating from the faculty of medicine and surgery in Verona, I graduated in physiotherapy. I started to work at a rehabilitation clinic, passionately devoting myself to neurological rehabilitation, which over the years continued my work with the rehabilitation project at the Multiple Sclerosis Association in South Tyrol, especially with patients with back, shoulders and lower limbs. I knew various therapeutic techniques, but I immediately realized that, for example, all the back pains were different, because different people, each expressing their own disequilibrium in that specific symptom. In the face of these reflections and the desire to further deepen my knowledge of the questions that many years before led me to study physiotherapy, I decided to undertake osteopathy studies. A six-year training course led me to achieving the Osteopathy Diploma in 2008 at CERDO (Center pour l’Etude, the Recherche and the Diffusion Osteopathiques) and to meet a person’s vision of 360 degrees, a unit of mind, body and spirit no longer considered by sectors.


Why City ZEN?
I had the pleasure of knowing the team that created City Zen and who has had the tenacity and courage to make it reality. Talking to them I have found principles and values ​​to which I feel similar: professionalism, quality, global vision of the person, teamwork and teamwork in order to offer the best to the people, all in a welcoming and growing environment with the noble purpose to devolve profits in charity. With joy I am part of this wonderful project.