Elena Fanfani


Yin Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Expert

Why yoga?
I watch, listen, I welcome. For me yoga is sharing, giving cues, showing different angles, and living every facet of yourself. Emotions that emerge, experiences that come back, patterns that melt, without forcing, respect for one’s own being. You can take your own bright parts and, in the same way, shadow parts. Being the container and the water at the same time.

What was your professional career?
The first approach to yoga was during the study of Therapeutic Dance and at the same time as the gift of a book by a friend with drawings and benefits of asanas . I participated in a yoga course for blind pupils as a teacher assistant; I practiced self-taught and, occasionally, I followed the Hatha yoga lessons from a teacher teacher of my father.
It was in that same period that I approached the massage: initially Shiatsu and then love for Thai.
Only after several years, thanks to my Thai Massage student, I attended Vinyasa masterclass and started the course. Desiring to deepen philosophy and other aspects of what is Yoga, I started a course for integral yoga teachers of tantric tradition.I also traveled to India. The desire to know me has led me to experience Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, but also complementary practices with more “lunar” appearance.
I started studying and practicing Yin Yoga by learning to abandon myself, let go of patterns, judgments, and feel more and more that union between body and mind that breathes creates, inside and out. Wealth and inspiration also come from yoga in pregnancy, Womb Yoga (practice that takes into account cyclicity and feminine cycle), Yoga Nidra and Yoga Somatico.

Why City ZEN?
City Zen is a place where we all care about personal and other well-being, also supporting a solid project.