Lorenzo Ferrante

Posturologos and chinesiologist


Why Posture Education?
Because it is a world we do not know even though we live in our body since birth. A proper posture is a daughter of good physical activity, good nutrition and a good state of mind. My approach is educational: the starting point is always the level of people at that time. The body can not refuse to improve.

What was your professional career?
I graduated in Motor Science, Master in Clinical Nutrition, Chinesiologist and Posturologist, Naturopath, Former and Writer.
For thirty years I have been doing well-being and health. I am a freelance, collaborator of the National Cancer Institute of Milan. President of the Postur-mente Association, which aims to teach a healthy lifestyle from the physical, nutritional and mental point of view. National Coordinator and member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Vegan Association.

Why City ZEN?
Because it has a purpose similar to mine and the premise to do well is all there. It is a new opportunity that goes in the direction of awareness.

Tell us more I
‘ve always been looking for solutions that bring people to a level of quality of life that is as good as possible. And when I see people around me that are not good, it seems to me an insult to their awareness. In my little one I try to help. I like this very much.