Tyler Micocci

Kundalini yoga teacher and Body & Mind Coach


Why yoga?
Because it has allowed me to have a simple and effective contact with my cover, it allows me to adjust the breath, the movement and the intensity of the experience during the movements.
Because it allows me to feel expansion and relaxation even after practice. Because it’s not just about doing gymnastics on the mat: Yoga is also meeting, relationship, new people, brothers and sisters who cross the pathway with which they share lifestyles and visions of the world. Yoga is able to stop me, breathe and meditate.

What was your professional career?
I have been working for over 20 years as Yoga Kundalini Teacher according to the Yogi Bhajan method.
In recent years my teaching profession has joined the Holistic Coach with a Bioenergetic-Gestaltic training approach, an approach that strongly takes into account the basic principles of Dr. Peter A. Levine’s Somatic Experiencing.
In my lessons I propose a method that is the result of 20 years of personal experience and research in the spiritual path.
My holistic approach is practicable for everyone and easy to use in everyday life.
I am certified IKYTA, I have practiced the Iyengar method and Power Yoga. I teach at specialized centers, groups and individuals, create targeted and specific experimental pathways in accordance with the needs of the individual.

Why City ZEN?
I have chosen City ZEN for its solidarity and support project for children living in discomfort in the world. I find it a unique and special experience to be able to work here in the city and create well-being through my practice of Yoga and Counselor teachers, also helping and supporting someone who is far away and who will receive my help economically.
I also chose City ZEN because I like to work in a multidisciplinary environment where there is so much integration and collaboration between the different parts. I choose City ZEN because it offers a wider vision of the person’s well-being, integrating body mind and spirit in a simple and effective way to everyone’s reach.

Tell us more
I started practicing Yoga at the age of eighteen, and the practice that proved to be a great and lasting love is the Kundalini Yoga, according to the Yogi Bhajan method. The feeling that every time he made me go back to practice was the total lightness at the end of the lesson, I felt like walking waving. The level of relaxation and mental stability I trained in that experience was very intense and pleasing to me. I started to teach almost immediately, initially for playing with curious friends, and then in situations and contexts that were always very different from each other. I have taught in yoga centers, large gyms, hotels, luxury spa, sports centers, neighborhood houses in Rome, offices and companies, acting schools, medical outpatient clinics. I’ve guided groups and individuals into custom paths.
My trainers come mainly from the Kundalini Yoga world: I started with Guru Dev Singh, then I studied with Guru Shabad Singh de Santis, with Sada Sat Singh, Guru Prem Singh and Sadhana Singh Avenali. I also studied Iyengar Yoga with Federica D’avella, Intuitive Yoga Method with Diane Long, Power Yoga with Patrick Pasinotti.
During the classes, I invite each participant to recognize and honor their creative potential to develop a healthy, happy and intimately connected way of life.
I created the “Art of Being” group work shop, an interactive, theoretical and practical experience in which participants work on the meaning and ability to be in the present, on the awareness of what happens at a physical level, emotional and mental. I hold seminars in Milan, Rome, Geneva. I conduct individual sessions and small groups on Skype.

The Aquarian Teacher International Teacher Training Program in Kundalini Yoga as Tought By Yogi Bhajan (200Hrs) 2002