City ZEN | Anastasia Konstadinidis – Ashtanga workshop
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Anastasia Konstadinidis – Ashtanga workshop

City ZEN Workshop


with Anastasia Konstadinis


15:00  – 17:30 

Twists and hips – an Ashtanga yoga workshop

During this workshop, we will deepen twists and practice asanas, from the first Ashtanga Yoga series, which require a higher level of hip flexibility,. A healthy spine and flexible hips are essential both in our yoga practice and in our daily lives. We will examine techniques and alignment of selected fundamental asanas in order to better understand our body and to find balance between strength and flexibility. You will receive useful advice on how to deepen develop your practice with coherence and awareness.


Anastasia Konstadinidis has dedicated the past 8 years of her life to Ashtanga Yoga. Anastasia received permission to teach from KPJAYI Sharath Jois in February 2019, after spending several years traveling to Mysore, India. She began her yoga journey in Sweden, where she comes from, and studied with international teachers such as Laruga Glaser, Rolf Najukat and Iain Gryzak. In Italy, he practiced and assisted Elena De Martin for two years. She has been part of the City Zen team since 2019.

Workshops in English

– Open to all levels

– Limited places

– Booking requested


PRICE 30 euro

Attendees must have CSEN membership card, available at City ZEN for 5€, valid for the entire year 2020.

We suggest you arrive 20 minutes before the start of the workshop.