Andrea Bolzan


Movement is a discipline that involves the whole body and explores different areas of movement, increasing strength, muscular elasticity, coordination, balance and harmony. The Path that the Movement proposes is based on a progression of exercises aimed at restoring the basic levels of strength and energy that will allow the practitioner to go beyond their physical limits. Training according to this approach aims to make the practice a discovery of oneself through one’s own body.

I have been working since 2012 in the main fitness centres in Italy. At the same time, I graduated in 2016 from the Faculty of Sport and Motor Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. I complete twelve traditional and group fitness training courses within the company I worked for.

I perform in three circus shows together with Veronica Testa’s ‘Urban Gravity Academy’ in collaboration with Ambra Orfei. In September 2016 I started my experience as a personal continuing my role as a group trainer and children’s swimming coach. I continue my training with an extracurricular University course in Public Speaking, Neuro-functional Psycho-motricity, a seminar with the athletic trainer Amerigo Brunetti on the “Logic of Contact Points”. Afterwards I participated in Block Yoga training with Susanna Petternella, a seminar on Tearing and Slancio col bilancere weightlifting techniques with FIPE (Federazione italiana Pesistica), a seminar on Handstand practice “Yuval on Hands”, Movement and Yoga Campus by Diego DeGiovanni and Elena Baracco, a Handbalance Workshop with Andrey Moraru, a Seminar on “Spirituality through Osteopathy” by Giulia Scaccabarozi. Translated with (free version) I currently follow Stefano de Luca and Davide Bonetti for the Acro Danzae discipline and Laurant Piemontesi for the Parkour discipline. In January 2021 I completed the 96-hour Natked Academy.

From 2016 to 2021 I held ten events including workshops and training courses including a practical and theoretical illustration of Movement at the University of Milan, Faculty of Motor Sciences.

I love teaching because I learn as I teach. Empathy is the most valuable quality that has made me not only a more attentive and precise professional, but also a better person. I love to discuss and try to convey my passion for movement and in City Zen I have found people who, like me, share this mission and love to convey their love of body care with passion and awareness.

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