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It is difficult to give a short answer, just as love cannot be explained, only felt. I can only say that it could not have been otherwise, Yoga is the consequence of my life path. If every day you feel happier than the day before, it means that you are going in the right direction. Since I started practicing, this is exactly what happens. I enjoy teaching, creating and sharing positive energy, helping others to be simply happy. For each “happiness” is a different thing, but after each practice you feel a surplus of energy and this changes your day, your approach with the whole world and with yourself.

I started with Ashtanga Yoga, a very powerful and intense practice. When I learned the sequence and was able to do it by myself, I had a feeling of flying, it was similar to learning to drive a car, finally alone at the wheel!

After having done my first yoga retreat, I realized that I was headed in the right direction, I started organizing other retreats with various teachers and after that it was logical to become a certified instructor; first the 200H course and after 500H course in order to be able to guide others in the fantastic world of yoga. I teach Kriya Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini and, in addition to the classic styles I teach Yoga Face, a special and very popular practice that connects the body, posture and the face; it is a strong alternative to plastic surgery. When I reached the age of 40 and I wanted to keep my face young, the first thing I wanted to do was to learn Yoga Face techniques from Russian teachers, being of Russian origin it was easier for me, and also because in Italy this practice is still very uncommon. I am proud to spread it on Italian territory.

City ZEN is an oasis more unique than rare in the chaotic Milanese life. Milan needed a centre that offers so many possibilities, with a very wide choice of different practices, where everyone can find a class suitable for their needs.

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