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Cristina Bucci

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Because it makes me feel good and makes me better. I have always been interested in beauty and “truth”, which I have sought in dance, in Pilates, in Western philosophy and in poetry. Then came Yoga, which combined everything, adding spirituality, which gave a deeper sense to my search. Movement has always been a spiritual affair for me; I like to feel that “my” dance and “my” practice are born when the soul adheres to the body. The first yoga class I did was illuminating: the theme was SRI, the beauty that comes from harmony and that is sometimes hidden in darkness. I learned that there is a light within us and that the practice helps create a path from which the light can flow, a bit like a flooding river.

I live with the belief that teaching is an honour and an opportunity to share my search with others. I dedicate myself completely to a dynamic, creative practice that both my students and I can enjoy. The practice, always challenging, starts from rooting and abandonment positions and blooms towards the opening of the heart. The challenge contributes to making the practice magical. I love doing yoga because it is a pleasant workout for life. In the sweat and fatigue of the practice, I also look for the meaning of our existence, not a punishment but a promise.

Teacher Training: Immersion Anusara 2013-14
Teacher Training Anusara 2015-16

Because it is an ambitious project and at the same time very concrete. It combines beauty with goodness, and I think it can become a point of reference for many people because it adheres to a need that is increasingly widespread: “being comfortable with oneself in order to help others”.