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Yoga means the union of the body with the Mind, the Mind with the Soul and the Soul with the Universal Spirit. Yoga, infact, is the process to achieve this state of harmony. It is the rediscovery of one’s true Nature, of being spiritual in a physical body, which is used as a tool to relate to the outside world and experience it. Deepening the practice of yoga, something inside me began to move. I began to recognize in the teachings something naturally familiar and I began to think of myself as a channel capable of raising vibration, presence, awareness of the spaces and people around me.

My first training experience begins in India with Hatha Yoga. I trained at the Universal Yoga Center (Dharamsala) with Master Vijay Amar (RYS200h). This first step led me to feel the need to continue studying and increase my knowledge. I still continue to deepen the practice of Kriya Yoga, with Master Giovanni Formisano, in Milan, participating in his two-year training course. Over the years I started to experience different spiritual practices. In addition to the need of my physical body to move, I have also listened to the need of my mind to find a space of silence, deep calm, balance and alignment.

Kundalini Yoga has been the tool that I consider most effective for continuing my spiritual path. It has led to several changes in my life, putting me in front of new challenges and a new awareness. Accordingly, I undertook a two-year training to become a first level teacher and I started with the second level training with Shiv Charan Singh (Karam Kriya), with whom I began to deepen the study of numerology applied to Kundalini Yoga. I also began to approach the healing practices of Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh and Mahan Kirn Kaur.

I decided to start sharing my experience, trying to always and only transmit what I have directly experienced and deepened with dedication and passion, and that I feel able to transmit and project directly from my heart. When I teach, I enter a wonderful space, which goes beyond my being, I become a tool for something bigger than me, which empties but also fills. Teaching transforms and regenerates, it is a passion that I feel I want to share and expand with harmony and joy. In that space I feel that I am deeply and completely aligned to my destiny, which is taking an increasingly defined form with experience.

From the first time I entered City Zen to attend courses I immediately perceived an atmosphere of welcome, light and serenity, as well as a deep care and interest in the offer of courses and seminars. I am very grateful to be able to share in this space energy, emotions and experiences to raise the vibration of as many souls as possible!

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