Level for all

Face Yoga

An anti-aging practice

An innovative method, a valid alternative to plastic surgery.

We have 57 muscles on the face and they are closely related to the skin, in the sense that part of the muscle is literally connected to the epidermis. If you do exercises to tone these muscles, the skin will regain tone and firmness, to the point that you will find it hard to peel it off your face. It has the same effect as yoga practice with asana, physical practice. With an added advantage: the effect, on the face, is seen sooner, because the muscles are closer to the skin, and deeply rooted within it. The face is part of our body and it is essential to align the body before working with the face, so before moving on to the face we work with the body, aligning and working on posture.

Practice suitable for all levels, also recommended for absolute beginners.