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Yoga enters our lives if we allow it to enter. It is an act of faith, a letting go and accepting change with unconditional surrender. Yoga has entered my life because I felt the need to “slow down”, to turn the attention to my inner self and change myself to learn to fully enjoy the moments that life offers us. Simply this.

YOGA because it makes me feel good, physically and spiritually, without expectations, in a continuous path of improvement.

I like to imagine it exactly like this, as an endless journey, where every day we learn to feel better with ourselves in order to be better with others.

“I’ve always been in love with sport, I especially prefer aerobic and team sports. A past in basketball, where I played until the age of 22.

At the threshold of 40 years, I remain attracted by running and extreme running. I have participated in several competitions, including 4 New York City Marathons between 2006 and 2010. I approached Yoga on several occasions, but only in 2013 did I decide to let yoga enter my life, first in its most physical form, then slowly in its more meditative and spiritual aspects. I soon understood the beneficial effects that Yoga brings to my being and so I decided to deepen my spiritual and physical growth by attending Vinyasa and Hatha classes at the Kriya Yoga Ashram in Milan.

It is here, under the guidance of Giovanni Formisano, that I became certified as a teacher, attending the two-year training course 2016-2018 (RYT 200 h). In a short time, teaching became the best way to share and transmit to others what Yoga represents for me. Attracted more and more by the desire to deepen my teaching techniques and improve my practice, I decided to perfect my training by certifying myself as a teacher Hatha Raja in 2019 (RYS 250h Plus), under the guidance of Ambra Vallo and, again in 2019, I participated in an intensive TT 50h with Mark Kan.

I am currently a Yoga Alliance RYT 350h teacher.

Cityzen is a special place, where you can breathe 360° Yoga. I like the ideal that moves the City ZEN project and the courses it offers, confirming that it really wants to be the “place” where anyone can find their YOGA.