Gino Verrecchia


Gino Verrecchia

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Taiji is harmony, fluidity, stability, balance, and health for the body and mind.

I started with the martial arts when I was very young, especially the so-called “Healthy Men in Healthy Bodies”. I am lucky to have met very special masters who nurtured this interest with real passion. I have over 40 years of martial arts training. I started with Judo, Karate, and Aikido but I found my final destination with Taijiquan. When the door was opened with Taijiquan I had the opportunity to learn to react in a more harmonious and effective way in facing the difficulties of life and even now this way of acting amazes me. That door will never close.

I have been a professional teacher for over 15 years and I sincerely believe in the benefits of Tai Chi and that it should be made available to everyone. I am a member of the Institute of QiGong and a certified Tuina and moxibustion practitioner.

I chose City ZEN for the beauty of the posto, and for the multidisciplinary and holistic approach. I believe that true health is a balance of energies of the body and mind, City ZEN provides the tools for this awareness.