Giovanna Cardinale

Yoga Philosophy and Raja Yoga

Giovanna Cardinale

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From Yoga, I learned the wisdom of starting a path of spiritual and personal evolution from the body. My studies began with research on posture, the anatomy of positions, and classical ancient texts.

My approach to Yoga came late, after a degree in Literature and two children, as an evolution of a spiritual journey begun some decades earlier in a traditional Christian context, and with particular reference to Carmelite Mysticism in which we speak of “method”. At the end of my four years of training at the European Federation, in fact, I graduated with a thesis that compares “The dark night” of St. John of the Cross with “Pratyahara”, the fifth of the eight paths described by Patanjali in the “Yoga Sutras”.
Particularly informative in teaching me the depth of patience and humbleness was my stay in the Himalayas at the Himalayan University of Yoga of Swami Veda Bharati. Here, I was introduced to the transmission of Meditation, for which I remain eternally grateful.

I am intrigued to participate in the birth of something new and am happy to share its values ​​of solidarity.

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