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Hatha yoga

A practice that gives stability

Hatha is the Sanskrit name derived from the union of ha (sun) and tha (moon), the balance to which we aspire in yoga practice.. Hatha is the most traditional form of yoga suitable for everyone, whatever their level of experience. The emphasis is on postural alignment. Classes cover a full repertoire of postures (asana), sun salutations, breathing exercises (pranayama) and guided relaxation techniques.
Hatha Yoga practice improves muscle strength, flexibility, and allows you to be more mentally focused and relaxed.

Fluid practice, class suitable for all levels


Classes combine work on the ground, in the absence of gravity, and the preparation and execution of some positions of hatha yoga

Moving the body in all directions, using the breath and attention, allows us to refine our ability to perceive the subtle sensations that run through it, to know it better, to create space and simultaneously make it stronger, in safety, to move with more harmony and integrity in the practice of asanas and in life.

It is recommended to bring a blanket for the grounded phase.

Practice also suitable for absolute beginners


This practice consists of slower classes accompanied by more description, guidance and commentary from the teachers. They are perfect for an introduction to basic yoga postures and a greater understanding of the practice.

Hatha Base will help develop strength, balance and flexibility to practice at a more advanced level.

Smooth practice, positions are held for a long period of time

Lesson suitable for all levels


Class of Hatha Yoga deepening practice

Fluid practice

Class suitable for all levels, dedicated to those who have been practicing for longer time


Hatha Flow yoga is an evolution of Hatha Yoga and connects each posture to the next, creating a fluid sequence coordinated with the breath.

Fluid practice

Lesson suitable for all levels


Hatha and Meditation classes add to the yoga practice a moment dedicated to meditation, a space at the end of the class in which to practice relaxation and experience peace.

Soft practice

Lesson suitable for all levels