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I believe that Mindfulness, and meditation in general, of which this is a form, is an exercise in Freedom.

Training our mental presence, training ourselves to create a stillness and a space where we can observe our mind leads us to be less victims of the often frenetic and limiting mechanisms that often set the tone of our conversation with the World.
By experiencing our awareness, we allow ourselves the opportunity to gradually learn to act instead of just reacting to internal or external events.

Sitting with our mind, ‘inviting it to tea’ to get to know it better, brings immense benefits in all areas of our lives.

Scientific evidence of the effects of contemplative practices is now vast, widespread and proven. Mindfulness helps to manage stress, reduce negative emotions, increase patience and imagination and much more.

But there are even deeper reasons to meditate.

As we sit with our breath and our body we see how our attention is constantly engaged with something, and how the mind often runs restlessly and without a compass. When we can be aware of what we pay attention to, we can decide – freely – to give attention to what we think is right. We become free to choose what can make us better people. And this is a treasure of inestimable value.

So certainly, people practice Mindfulness because it is ‘good for them’, but in reality, there is much more to it than that.

I have a degree in Philosophy, more precisely in Aesthetics, and have always cultivated a passion for Eastern Philosophies.

I have a Master’s degree in Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices from the University of Pisa and the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute.

My first encounter with Mindfulness was in 2012 as a participant in an MBSR protocol taught by my teacher Gherardo Amadei.

Since then I have not stopped studying, researching and practising.

I am a musician, songwriter and author. So far I have recorded five albums and collaborated with many colleagues whom I respect very much.

I made two documentaries, in which I managed to combine music, travel and social issues. So far I have recorded five albums and collaborated with many colleagues whom I respect very much.

I wrote a book about music and a long journey on foot.

I keep walking.

Because here it is as good to look around as it is to look inside.

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