Lorenzo Ferrante

Posturologist and Kinesiologist

Lorenzo Ferrante

Posturology is a world we do not know even though we live in our bodies since birth. A correct posture is the result of good physical activity, good nutrition and an excellent mental state. My approach is educational: the starting point is always based on the level of the people at that moment. The body cannot refuse to improve.

I have a degree in Motor Sciences, Master in Clinical Nutrition, Kinesiologist and Posturology, Naturopath, Trainer and Writer. For thirty years I have been involved in wellness and health. I collaborate with the National Institute of Tumors in Milan and I am President of the Postur-al-mind Association that aims to teach a healthy lifestyle from the physical, nutritional and mental point of view. I am also National Coordinator and member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Vegans Association.

I have always searched for solutions that will lead people to reach the best possible quality of life. And when I see people around me who are not well, it seems to me an insult to their awareness. In my small way I try to help. In my small way I try to help. I like that very much.

Because it has a purpose similar to mine and the prerequisites for doing well are all there. It is a new opportunity that leads towards awareness.

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