Mauro Fabiani

Hatha, Pilates e Power Vinyasa

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Yoga, in its essence, has the power to give us the strength to embark on a more intense and deeper path of research.

A bit like when you are in love, you venture into a space beyond time, where your body, mind and spirit have the opportunity to learn to flow with Beauty, recognising it in every breath, expressing courage and grace in adversity.

Since I was a child, I have had a deep interest in anything that could improve the quality of life.

My path began at the age of 10 with artistic gymnastics and acrobatics, and at 13 I approached the world of martial arts, first practising Tae Kwon Do and then moving on to Kung Fu, in particular the Wing Chun style, for 10 years.

In 2005 I started practising Parkour and Free Running, integrating various Locomotion and Animal Flow exercises, partly explored in various Kung Fu styles.

My fascination with Martial Arts and Taoist culture led me to delve into holistic disciplines, starting a training course at the Sapienza University of Rome in “Anti Aging and Anti Stress Methodologies”, where I also had my first approach to Yoga. I then attended a two-year Pranic-Shiatsu course, with various in-depth seminars on osteopathy, posturology and reflexology.

I have integrated Pilates into my training, attending various master classes related to this method.

Over time, Yoga has become the centre of my personal and professional growth, continuing to enrich my path of awareness and knowledge.

Just as a mountain or an ocean has in its nature the teachings of life, City ZEN welcomes and gives the opportunity to get to know, share and experience the ways of well-being.

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