Level for all

Meditation – Dhyana Yoga – Yoga Nidra – Kirtan & Meditation – Mindfulness

An introspective practice

A practice that aids in the development of presence and awareness.
To allow yourself a moment for yourself.


A mindful and meditative approach to postures and concentration techniques.


Experiment together with different meditation techniques to find your own of the moment; regenerate in lightness through guided relaxation with visualizations of yoga Nidra.


Repetition of a mantra (rotating through the months) 108 times through the use of Japa Mala (Indian rosary).

With the repetition of the mantra one experiences the harmony of the mind, where there is no fluctuation between two opposites.

When mental fluctuations are reduced and eventually stopped, one transcends the mind and penetrates the psyche.

The immediate effects of mantra repetition are seen in the form of relaxation and increased focus.


Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: a) with intention, b) to the present moment, c) in a non-judgmental way. It is a way of cultivating a fuller presence to the experience of the moment, to the here and now.

Each session will be unique and different, incorporating small theoretical elements to share scientific and cultural foundations of the different types of meditation. We will practice guided mindfulness, body scan, meditation on loving kindness, meditation on sounds and thoughts, breath meditation, and walking meditation.

We will meditate from poems or song lyrics to understand how anchors for mindfulness and equanimity can be found in our everyday lives.