Niccolo Giovannini


Niccolo Giovannini

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Love at first sight. Yoga is a congenital system capable of being nourished through its formal and experiential elaboration. I appreciate the wisdom of Yoga of starting the path of spiritual and personal evolution from the body, so I have focused on postural studies and anatomy of the positions, in addition to the study of classical ancient texts.

I work every day, even in the gym, and this has taught me to create a bridge between listening to my most concrete everyday needs and respect for the rules of the yoga tradition, because every gesture is not action and reaction, but an occasion for the conscious discovery of yourself at the Self. Yoga brings together the enormous complexity of the human in an experiential system beyond any intellectual speculation.

Yoga Teacher Training RYS 200 – John Formisano, Krya Yoga Ashram (2015)
Obstetrician Gynecologist, with a doctorate in prenatal science at the Mangiagalli Clinic in Milan
Volunteer doctor for Doctors Without Borders

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