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Patrizia Lampugnani

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I immediately understood that yoga was the perfect discipline for me. Day after day it taught me to know my body, to control it, to make me aware of the importance of taking care of it. Even more important was the balance, the serenity, the peace, and the centering that it provided; all of this has greatly improved my life.

I approached yoga, almost by chance, convinced by a friend to attend a lesson. I was immediately struck by it and since then I have never stopped practicing and learning, because yoga for me is also this: continuous knowledge. Passionate about history and fascinated by oriental culture, I decided to delve into the knowledge of this millenary discipline and find that I discover new things every day. I like to convey all this to my students: the idea of ​​being able to always push a bit beyond their horizon, with the awareness that what the benefits of yoga can be taken from the mat to everyday life, generating a positive energy that brings nothing short of wellness.

I received a diploma Hatha and Raja Yoga Integrale RYT 200 at Kriya Yoga Ashram Milano in 2015. Among my masters and teachers: Giovanni Formisano, Masterji Viswanath, Stewart Gilchrist, Waylong Belding

I immediately liked the marvellous project of generosity and solidarity which is the foundation of this centre, desired and achieved with tenacity and hard work. I like the idea of ​​being part of a heterogeneous team, taking care of people in their own holistic ways, each with their own skills and professionalism. And I like the idea of ​​being part of a project that is unique in Milan.

Always fascinated by the study of history and philosophy, after university studies she deepens the study of oriental doctrines that lead her to approach yoga. After earning the RTY 200 Yoga Alliance certification at Kriya Yoga Ashram strong he continued his studies by obtaining the RTY 500 Yoga Alliance teacher diploma.

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