Romina Gasperoni


Romina Gasperoni

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Because it is deep nourishment that helps me face fragility and fears. Thanks to Yoga, I am able to stabilize my inner order, my relationship with the outside world and with others. My contact with others allows me also to see how well this discipline transforms and improves our lives.

Yoga has been in my life for more than twenty years and the passion for oriental culture and philosophy probably comes from my university studies in literature and philosophy. The day I met Aldine Kelly, a Hatha Yoga teacher, I realized what my path would be, and have not stopped practicing since. Now I teach Hatha and Kundalini Yoga with passion and dedication as I deepen my knowledge of Sat Nam Rasajan, a meditative practice dedicated to healing.

City ZEN reflects what I am looking for: a space of light and harmony in which I can manifest a project to help others.