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I discovered Yoga at a moment in my life when stress and work tensions were affecting my physical and mental health.
Yoga allowed me to once again find balance between the various aspects of my life, increasing my level of focus and attention, as well as my physical well-being.

I started my path as a practitioner in Ashtanga, then after a few months I discovered Vinyasa Krama and Yin, and understood they were the styles for me.
With Vinyasa we cultivate our active and muscular side, through the dynamic flow of the asanas in close coordination with the breath, while with the Yin we take care of the less dynamic but deeper aspect of our body, working on connective tissues. On a deeper level, both styles invite us to listen, to pay attention to the dynamics of rooting, extension and expansion with Vinyasa, and to enter into a deeper meditative state with Yin.

  • 2016/2017: Teacher Training “Vinyasa Krama” at the Hohm Street Yoga school in Milan – 200-hour Yoga Alliance
  • 2016: Level I Yin Teacher Training “Taoism, Anatomy and Sequencing” with Biff Mithoefer – 50-hour Yoga Alliance
  • 2017: Level II Yin Teacher Training “Embracing the Yin Path” with Biff Mithoefer – 50 hr Yoga Alliance
  • 2018: Teacher Training “Yin & Yang” at the Hohm Street Yoga school in Milan 150-hour r Yoga Alliance – CEAS
  • 2018: Level III Yin Teacher Training “Yin Yoga and Storytelling” with Biff Mithoefer – 50-hour Yoga Alliance

My intention is to try to convey the benefits of Yoga in a context that brings together different souls and styles, sharing a practice that allows one to become aware of his/her possibilities.

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