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Silvia Branca

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Yoga, in my opinion, is firstly listening and accepting; listening to my body and its limits, but also overcoming them. Yoga permits me to unite breath, body, and mind with exercises, postures and movements that help me to improve myself, my relationship with others, and with what surrounds me. Yoga is this for me. Always learn, observe changes with love and respect, and practice being flexible in both body and mind.

I started practicing over 15 years ago, not sure that I was suited for yoga, and have practiced every day since with gratitude and humility. There was a moment when everything in my life collapsed and I risked remaining under the rubble. The only time I really breathed was during practice, and I felt for the first time the energy of others as a vital source of help for me. The mantra melted the knots of the soul and the practice those of the body. It was very tiring at first as I was rigid and inflexible, and it was very painful to stay in some positions. It could have been discouraging, but for me it was a journey and an evolution that has never ceased.

During my stay in India, my interest in holistic disciplines led me to follow a course as an Ayurvedic masseuse. Upon my return, I graduated as a Yoga teacher for children and youth at AIYB. Since then I have participated in many seminars, insights, and workshops which have allowed me to further refine my style, my practice and my attitude leading to a trip to London where I was obtained an additional certification to teach Restorative Yoga.

Because it is nice to think there is a place where people can experiment with new practices and encounter a variety disciplines; many people and many experiences is a source of exchange and growth.