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Words cannot express the gratitude I have for yoga. When I started practising yoga seriously, my physical body, mind and senses improved dramatically. I could not believe the results and became addicted to my daily yoga session. I could not do without it because of the remarkable benefits it has given my body, mind and emotions. I experienced a greater sense of vitality, joy and serenity. I also experienced the kind of calm I had never felt in my life.
You know that feeling of being energetically and physically blocked? Well, yoga can remove it quite effectively, leaving the mind more creative, vibrant and harmonious as well as increasing the vitality of the body. Through a well-developed practice of postures, yogic closures, breathing and meditation, a deeper degree of relaxation and stillness is experienced. Postures tone the physique, bandhas harness the yogic energy generated, yogic breathing opens the door to harnessing higher levels of prana (life energy) and meditation gradually opens the door to the deepest recesses of our ability to experience tranquillity, stillness and calm.
Why Yoga
Why Not The philosophical study of yogic scriptures in itself has thrown so much light on life and existence.

I have been practising yoga for 16 years and I started doing it thanks to a very old yoga book that my deceased grandmother owned – I was very young and even though I left the book, it came back to me during a dark phase of my life; I practised breathing exercises repeatedly and in fact I specialise in yogic breathing techniques.
We Bengali Indians have a long tradition of yoga and have given birth to personalities like Swami Yogananda, Vivekanada, AC Bhaktivedan Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna movement Hare Rama, Bikram Choudhury and of course this has influenced me despite my brief involvement in corporate life. I left for the Himalayas to find meaning and direction and after many years of yoga practice and research, I realised it would become the mainstay of my life.
I am certified at the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram in Bangalore, India, and have developed a sequence of breathing techniques to best prepare practitioners interested in pursuing the higher stages of yogic breathing, Kundalini yoga and meditation. I am a great believer in Hatha yoga and the fundamentals without which access to higher stages is not possible.
I practice yoga on a daily basis and am very passionate about sharing this art and technique with others so that they too can experience the benefits of yoga, while also benefiting from the years of experience and effort I myself have had in developing my practice.

The studio is perfectly designed for the modern needs of a yoga practitioner. It is located in the centre of Milan and has a wonderful atmosphere with the sun shining through the glass windows that illuminate the entrance.
It is well equipped with large rooms for yoga practice, two spacious and comfortable changing rooms, yoga equipment and accessories and a well-organised professional staff.
Life in the city causes stress to our nervous system and if you are looking forward to a ZEN experience to calm and fortify your system, then City ZEN can offer you such an experience. And if you want to stay healthy and fit, or if you want to learn and develop your yoga practice and are looking for a good course designed for this purpose, City ZEN offers that too.

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