Suzanne Galfredi

Hatha e Meditazione, e Preparazione allo Yoga

Suzanne Galfredi

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Yoga has allowed me to access long-forgotten sensations, to calm and to heal the mind by working with the body; with movement, awareness, concentration, listening, and breath. This os what I try to share with those who participate in my lessons, regardless of their health: feelings of connection, rooting, presence in space, openness, alignment, balance, rhythm, lightness and vitality. As Matthew Sanford says, “the principles of yoga are universal and do not discriminate” and what we practice, basically, is “humanity dressed as yoga”.

After studying and practicing theatre-dance for ten years and then being dedicated to different artistic activities, I approached holistic disciplines as a means of taking better care of myself. The profound effects of the practices I encountered (initially Shiatsu, then other disciplines of wellness, yoga and Qi Gong) led me first to want to know them better, and then to want to share them. I completed the path of Shiatsu operator with Italian Academy Shiatsu-Do and the RYC 500 training for yoga teachers with Soloyoga. It is mainly thanks to the teachings of Matthew Sanford, and his work to spread yoga to persons living with trauma and disability, that my path has taken the form it has today.

I like the idea that ​​a group of operators from different disciplines can work together and share a common space as well as knowledge and experiences. I also support the choice of City ZEN to donate profits to the Francesca Rava Foundation.

Suzanne ha studiato mimo, teatro, danza contemporanea e Bharatha Natyam e ha lavorato come attrice in Italia e Francia per 10 anni. Dopo aver lavorato in altri campi per alcuni anni, nel 2002 ha iniziato a cercare modi per riconnettersi. È diventata una praticante di shiatsu e ha iniziato a studiare yoga e qi-gong. Nel 2013 si è qualificata come insegnante di yoga con Soloyoga a.s.d.s. e ha raggiunto le sue 500 ore nel 2015.

Susan ha frequentato numerosi seminari di Matthew Sanford, completando i corsi di Level I&II Adapting Yoga for Everyone e Integrating Yogic Principles into Healthcare Delivery presso Mind Body Solutions.

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