Level for all

Taiji – Qi gong

A therapeutic practice

An ancient Chinese psychophysical discipline, a form of gentle gymnastics that is at the same time a therapeutic method, a martial art, a form of meditation and a way to transcendence.

One of the best known internal styles of Kung Fu. T’ai Chi Ch’uan literally means ‘boxing of the supreme polarity’. This designation indicates that this martial art is based on the laws governing the alternation of the two basic principles of the universe: Yin and Yang. It is much more than a non-violent martial art, it can also be practised as a soft gymnastics for psychophysical health and can be considered as a form of meditation, commonly defined as dynamic, because it is performed in movement.
Everyone can practice it and benefit from it.
The techniques of the Yang style are soft, the form is performed in slow movement and therefore recommended for all those who want to seek a state of psychophysical health, stimulating and enhancing vital energy.


The Pa Tuan Chin, an expression that literally means ‘The Eight Pieces of Brocade’.

Brocade is a precious fabric.

The threads used in its weaving symbolise the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, the energy channels through which life energy flows.

If this energy flows freely, the body is healthy and the ’tissue’ is valuable.

The main purpose of pa tuan chin exercises is to open the ‘three big doors’, i.e. to unlock the shoulders, waist and hips.

As well as opening doors, the exercises lengthen muscles, stretch meridians, are beneficial for joints and balance the energy of all organs, eliminating all forms of physical, nervous or emotional tension.


Chi Kung techniques are breathing exercises designed to allow the practitioner to learn correct breathing and cultivate their own internal energy.

The aim of Chi Kung practice is not only to accumulate and store energy within us but also to purify and refine it.

This enables the person to retain the vigour of youth for a long time, to stay away from disease and to achieve a long and peaceful life.