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Vittorio Pascale

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It is an extremely contemporary and “real” practice that opens up new scenarios and continuous discoveries. Yoga is refined and subtle, it does not give anything away, but it does discover a lot: it is a lifestyle that allows one to creatively express one’s own abilities and inclinations.

I stumbled upon Yoga by chance 12 years ago and we have been together ever since. I trained at Parisfal Yoga in Milan and then at the Triennial Teachers course at the Satyanana Yoga Center in Milan (Bhiar School of Yoga). There I was able to deepen disciplines such as Indian philosophy and the study of ancient texts, subtle physiology, pranayama, and Nada Yoga and Mantra Yoga (singing of kirtan or mantras).
I continuously follow courses on Nada Yoga, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and Indian Philosophy: discovering, listening and learning in this discipline is an inspiration for me!

Because I like things done well and large projects which provide many tools and teachings for the essential well-being of the individual in a city that takes away so much energy. I embrace and fully support the spirit of solidarity with which City ZEN operates.

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