COVID-19 standard

From 10 January 2022, access to City ZEN will only be allowed on presentation of your SUPER GREEN PASS (or enhanced green pass), which will be scanned on arrival at Reception using the national APP VERIFICAC19.

Traduzione Inglese (GB) How to obtain SGP COVID-19 Green Certification
With your Health Card or identity document
You can obtain COVID-19 Green Certification without using a digital identity (SPID or CIE).
If you have a Health Insurance Card, enter:

  • the last 8 digits of the identification number on your health card,
  • its expiry date
  • the certificate of recovery (NUCG).
  • the authorisation code (AUTHCODE)received by e-mail or SMS to the contact details you provided at the time of the health service (VACCINE ENACTED)


We also guarantee that all City ZEN staff will have a GREEN PASS and will follow the rules in force:

  1. Every person entering City ZEN, or any other indoor sports facility in Italy, must have a valid greenpass which will be scanned and checked directly at the entrance.
  2. Every person entering City ZEN must measure their body temperature on the thermometer at the entrance, which must not be more than 37.5 degrees.
  3. The women’s changing rooms are limited to a maximum of 7 people at a time and 5 people for men, so it is always advisable to arrive ready for practice to avoid long waits to use the changing rooms.
  4. Participants are requested to put their personal belongings in their backpacks or bags and leave them in the lockers in the changing rooms. City ZEN will not be able to store suitcases or trolleys etc. in designated and/or supervised areas, so participants will have to organize and deposit their luggage elsewhere before arriving at the venue.
  5. It is not possible to have meals inside the indoor sports facilities, and therefore also inside City ZEN. It is also not possible to have access to the CIty ZEN kitchen at this time.
  6. Inside City ZEN, and all indoor sports facilities, it will not be possible to create gatherings for any reason whatsoever, so participants should not stay in the common areas in groups or small groups. To this end, after having completed the Green Pass procedures (for which we ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the lesson to allow for staggered procedures), we ask you to go inside the room where the lesson will be held. Intra-personal distances of 1 metre in common areas and 2 metres between mats during physical exercise should therefore always be maintained. Inside the rooms you will already find stickers on the floor, which indicate the correct distances indicated in the guidelines for gyms.
  7. Every person who enters City ZEN, or any other indoor gym, must wear a surgical mask correctly over their nose and mouth: this mask must be kept on the mat at all times and removed ONLY and worn again at the end of the practice or when leaving the room.
  8. Every person who will use a mat or brick belonging to City ZEN must sanitize it before putting it in the appropriate containers, using paper towels and spray sanitizers that you will find inside the rooms.
  9. It is recommended inside City ZEN, as in any place dedicated to yogic and meditative practices, to maintain an adequate tone of voice, to respect the environment, staff and customers of the structure, silencing mobile phones, etc., not to stay in the hallways or common areas talking loudly or creating crowds.

Our staff, however, will always be available for any question or eventuality that may arise.

As always, City ZEN is committed to complying with all COVID-19 safety regulations.
Our commitment is, and always will be, to provide our students, customers, friends and staff with peace and well-being in a safe, secure place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at