What kind of yoga are you today?

For a suggestion on the best path for you, check out our tips for choosing your class.

New to Yoga?

Practices dedicated to those who are approaching yoga for the first time or returning after a period of absence, or simply wish to spend more time listening, learning and refining the foundations and breathing techniques.

Want to flow?

Having laid the foundation, the body decides to experiment with new movements and enter a flow where body and breath travel together.

Are you a warrior?

The challenge becomes an element of the practice, facing more advanced positions leads us to face also our fears. Willpower, breath and strength.

Ready to sweat?

The practice takes place in a heated environment, which allows the body greater flexibility and detoxification.

Are you breathing?

Breathing is the basis of everything and a fundamental companion of every practice. Correct breathing brings greater awareness and presence.

Other family members?

It’s never too late to start, but it’s never too early either.
The benefits of practicing from an early age are well known.