Patrick Beach

Continuing Education - Patrick Beach and Carling Harps Continuing Education

Our Yoga practice can walk two paths, one of ritual or one of routine. This practice intensive is designed to bring your asana back to life. The Awakening Yoga practice is built on the foundation of ritual asana with a focus on functional movement and individualized alignment. By acknowledging that each body is unique, powerful, and purposeful, this practice provides room for students to better understand their own physicality.

Workshop - Awakening Yoga Solar with Patrick Beach

This full class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose.

Workshop - Awakening Yoga Lunar with Patrick Beach

The Lunar Mobility Practice includes considerably less weight-bearing shapes and focuses primarily on joint mobility , spacial awareness, and individual range of motion exploration through the lens of a flowing yoga practice. Be prepared to move, breathe, play, and see what your body is capable of!